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Video Enigma Review – The Brand New, Innovative, User Friendly Video Solution To Make Your Videos Irresistible And Ignite Your Engagement Online By Turning Your 2D Into Relevant 3D Technology Which Gains The Most Popularity Nowadays At The Push of A Button

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Video Enigma is an online video revolution to turn your 2D videos into relevant 3D technology which gains much popularity nowadays. Your videos will be future proofed using our push button anaglyph 3D system. By making the player 3D, with the ability to sit in unique environments it instantly became more engaging. Moreover with Video Enigma, you can add in powerful call-to-action technology to allure and engage your visitors further, step up the customer service with the personal assistant feature, and build trust with the in-player review system.All of these features and many, many more have all combined to help you re-think your marketing, re-imagine your videos and re-connect with your customers. You should be aware that only 65% of viewer’s watch more than three quarters of a marketing video. However with Video Enigma, you can change that with our effective and captivating features that turn your videos into an entirely new and engaging experience from start to finish. We want to show you that one of the best ways to increase leads and sales from the same volume of traffic you have flowing, is increasing the effectiveness of what you are doing. By bringing together a fresh and engaging video experience with powerful tools like Calls to Action, Opt-ins, the Personal Assistant feature, and Enigma Engage, you can make your video presence online more effective by grabbing more leads, making more sales, and boosting your income online right here today. Video Enigma

Video Enigma Uses Two Unique Types of 3D Videos such as below:

  1. Anaglyph 3D The first and most obvious example is “Anaglyph 3D” which you can see demonstrated on the player above. With a simple click of the “enable 3D” button the video will be optimized to be viewed through anaglyph 3D glasses. These are the common glasses with the typical red/cyan lens. Video Enigma has been optimized to perform best using red/cyan glasses. We’re offering red/cyan 3D glasses for FREE as part of the Video Enigma charter lunch.
  2. 3D Geometric Player Video Enigma has been built from the ground up to be a refreshing and engaging video experience online. One of the unique elements is the 3D Geometric Player. This revolutionary feature means you can drag, pull and spin the player boosting interaction and engagement. This can be used to keep visitors on your page for longer and just as importantly opens up a whole new creative avenue of freedom when it comes to creating compelling and captivating marketing videos.

Video Enigma Review

The Features inside Video Enigma :

  1. Revolutionary 3D Video Our revolutionary push button 3D system will send your videos into the future. Safeguard your presence online by being ready to unleash 3D at the click of the mouse.
  2. Interactive 3D Players Showcase your videos in our stunning, interactive geometric 3D players. Grab, turn, curve and twist your way to a powerful new way to capture the imagination of your visitors, making your videos more memorable and more effective.
  3. Social Media Button Integration Now you can drive traffic straight to your social media pages from within the video player itself. At a simple click of a button you can open up channels to your visitor in more ways than one using Social Media.
  4. Intelligent Virtual Assistant Step up your customers experience by allowing them to ask a question within the video player and get answers back faster than ever.
  5. Monitored Reviews System Give your buyers eve greater confidence by adding review from customers into the video player. In just one click, viewers can see what other people thought about the video content, or the product showcased on the player.
  6. Retargeting Friendly Drive traffic to your videos quickly and easily with our retargeting friendly system. Never lose a lead, sale or client again with Video Enigma.
  7. Calls to Action Encourage viewers to take action immediately with our highly effective in-built to call-to-action builder. Use these to capture leads, redirect traffic or make sales. Video Enigma is your one stop solution for visitor engagement.
  8. Enigma Engager Enigma Engager takes what you know about scarcity and tips it on its head. A proven tool to increase clicks and maintain engagement by counting down to keep the customer around for a benefit, as opposed to missing out.
  9. Detailed Analytics Center Monitor, modify, tune and refine your videos based on data gathered in the analytics center right in your Video Enigma dashboard allowing you to ensure your material is always performing as it should.
  10. Background Music Layering Add background music to your video on its own audio layer, allowing for greater customization and more user friendly experience.
  11. Sell Your Video Video Enigma is built to sell! Create stunning videos which you can sell to businesses online using our “Sell Your Videos” feature.
  12. A/B Split Testing Feature Create perfection, market perfectly and ensure maximum results using our unique A/B Split Testing feature, helping you and your business take the best path to success.
  13. Cloud Video Hosting Access your videos from any device at any time. Video Enigma uses secure cloud hosting technology allowing you to simply sign in and get creating right from your browser window.
  14. Responsive Design Video Enigma has been designed to be fully responsive, letting your users enjoy your videos on any device ensuring you capture every visitor, everywhere.
  15. 24 Hour Support Our premium support desk is ready to help 24 hours a day. 7 days a week!

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In today’s ever-changing world, things are constantly evolving in an effort to stay relevant. With Video Enigma, you can take a huge leap forward into the future of online video to survive with your business. By turning your (2D) videos into anaglyph 3D at the push of a button, you are future proofing your videos online as the world shifts towards 3D technology at home, in the office and even on mobile! Video Enigma has the tools for you to create and sell engaging video masterpieces to your clients. Create videos that include Calls to Action, Enigma Engager, Viewer Reviews, Virtual Assistant and more; host them securely in the Cloud on Video Enigma; and then sell these videos as a source of continuing income. Each of your clients will be given a unique link and an unlock code so they can begin using the video on their website instantly. It’s never been easier to sell video to clients as it is with Video Enigma. Grab Video Enigma immediately to revolutionize your video marketing risk free today. Make the right decision. Get instant access to Video Enigma today.

Video Enigma – The Brand New, Innovative, User Friendly Video Solution To Make Your Videos Irresistible And Ignite Your Engagement Online By Turning Your 2D Into Relevant 3D Technology Which Gains The Most Popularity Nowadays At The Push of A Button

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