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Tweet Viral Software Review

Tweet Viral Software Review : The Best Product That Makes You Able To Run Your Own Software Empire And Gives You The Marketing Software That Sells Like Crazy


Tweet Viral Software Review

Tweet Viral Software Review by Bertrand Diouly & Martin Crumlish – What is it?

The Tweet Viral Software is a massive shortcut without the headache of starting from scratch and without spending thousands in development costs. You can resell developers license under your name to your own customers without any of the building, testing or design hassles getting in your way. Unlike most “take-it-or-leave-it” products, people happily rip open their wallets and plunk down $47, $97 or sometimes $497 for a tool that converts more visitors to customers and gets them professional branding and social media exposure. With 40 software tools sold, 1000’s of happy customers and loads more apps in development I can safely say that developing and selling software is your first class ticket to a successful online business. But you will find a problem like creating software isn’t easy or once your software is built, you need to find testers, then tweak the design and then fix code. The truth is, Social Sharing Plugins have never been so popular. 65.8% of US companies use Twitter for marketing purposes, and similar products like Easy Social Chare sold 13322 copies on CodeCanyon. That’s why you will see various types of social sharing plugins used all over the internet. These are used by high-end brands, including Zappos, Amazon, WalMart, Ebay, Microsoft, Google, Facebook ; online marketers, shopify stores and retailers; Internet Marketers in any niche; Blogs that want to get more traffic for Twitter; people who want to rapidly build a social presence; and many more

So, we are introducing the Tweet Viral Software. with Tweet Viral, attracting Twitter traffic has become incredibly easy. Thanks to Tweet Viral simple UI and focus on Twitter marketing, even marketers with little experience with Twitter can start making an impact on Twitter. Which means more likes, shares, traffic and sales from every web page you add tweetable quotes on. Tweet Viral Software leverages the power of online marketing. In fact, Tweet Viral is based on sound Twitter marketing strategy, where you first create Tweetable content, then make it easy for your customers to share it, rather than simply adding a tweet button to your site and all that while making the whole process smooth, simple and visually engaging. Tweet Viral Software is a fully-featured edition of our Tweet Viral plugin, complete with sales page and more. This is a proven marketing product that works and that is currently selling in the marketplace and proving wildly popular with customers, but now we want to let others benefit from this incredible product and that’s why I’m passing this rare opportunity over to you so you can sell our premium Whitelabel plugin as your own and you can make 100% profit with every sale.


Tweet Viral Software Review : The Best Product That Makes You Able To Run Your Own Software Empire And Gives You The Marketing Software That Sells Like Crazy

Tweet Viral Software Download

Here Is Exactly What You Get:

  • Salespage (HTML + OptimizePress Template)

Included in your purchase is our own high-converting sales page which has carefully written and designed by the team at YMB Properties and IPN Media.

  • Tweet Viral Plugin (.zip)

As a white label owner you get full ownership of the Tweet Viral plugin, one of the most advanced Twitter marketing plugins in the markets, including 10 templates, 200 tweetable quotes icons and advanced features like tweet image integration.

  • Sales Video (.mp4, .cmproj and .prj)

This powerful sales video will help you convey your message right away: you will also get the video source files (editable in Camtasia, Final Cut or any other video editing software) so that you can add your own voice or modify it.

  • Training video (.mp4)

Complementary training videos to share with your your customers that you can upload to your own Youtube account.

Tweet Viral Software is Packed with our Full Range of Features:

  • WordPress 4 ready

Your customers will only need to upload the Infobar plugin to WordPress.

  • WYSIWYG editor

Create unlimited infobar variants the easy way thanks to the visual editor.

  • Innovative technology

The Infobar unique feature set makes it a must-have for digital marketers.

  • Customize everything

Add background gradients, customize all colors and upload your images.

  • Advanced targeting

Target users by number of page views, seconds on the page, browser, number of sessions and more.

  • Analytics

Track your infobars traffic and Click-Through Rates and optimize conversions.

  • Mobile friendly

Responsive technology: all your infobars display perfectly on mobiles and tablets

  • Fully featured

This version of Infobar is fully-featured and contains no upgrades or upsells.

  • Unlimited campaigns

Run unlimited Infobar campaigns and promote offers simultaneously.

  • Minimize or close

Let your visitor either choose to close or minimize your infobars.

  • Limited offer
  • YMB Support

Plugin developed and fully supported by YMB Properties.


Tweet Viral Software Review : The Best Product That Makes You Able To Run Your Own Software Empire And Gives You The Marketing Software That Sells Like Crazy

Tweet Viral Software

As part of your investment today, you’ll also get:

  • Done-for-you sales pages: No need to worry about how to sell Tweet Viral, our sales page has been carefully crafted to convert cold visitors into buyers
  • White label owner manual and members area: even though setting up Tweet Viral as a white label owner is incredibly easy, you’ll also get free unlimited access to support in the members area
  • 4 Ways To Make Money With White Label PDF: this is our own internal cheat-sheet that we put together for you, including our best tips for making money with White Label softwares. This internal document is not available anywhere outside of this offer

Forget about the stress and huge expense of developing software like this yourself. Tweet Viral is ready to sell “out of the box” in just a few simple steps. All you have to do is upload the sales page to your server, add your buy button, upload the plugin to your delivery page and sell to get the profit. So, you can buy Tweet Viral Whitelabel and profit of a proven, winning product or you can try to reinvent the wheel. With a little effort, you can easily set yourself up with a several thousand dollar per month income with this tool alone. This kind of opportunity doesn’t come around too often. Are you going to embrace it, start selling a powerful and hugely in-demand marketing tool, without a massive cash outlay or are you going to pass it all up, leave that cash on the table and keep fumbling through the hard way?. That is your choice. Get started now and start reselling this hugely powerful, in-demand software as your own.


Tweet Viral Software Review : The Best Product That Makes You Able To Run Your Own Software Empire And Gives You The Marketing Software That Sells Like Crazy

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