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100 Client Blueprint Review – The Most Powerful Video Training Program Containing The Strategies That The Most Successful Marketer Are Using To Get High-Paying Clients Long Term Quickly And Easily And Build A Six-Figure Offline Consulting Within A Few Weeks



100 Client Blueprint is a video training program containing marketing strategies to get high-paying easily using a proven formula that truly works. It provides the strategies that the most successful marketers are using to snatch up the most lucrative offline clients in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the effort.With 100 Client Blueprint, you’ll be able to get high-paying clients quickly and easily.You’ll be able to build a six-figure offline consulting business within just a few weeks. 100 Client Blueprint has the ability to permanently skyrocket your income. You will have high-paying clients clamouring to retain your services month after month faster than you ever thought possible. You just need to take advantage of direct mail. Direct mail works really, really well if you do it right. And in order to do it right, you need to follow a proven formula. In fact, if you’re using a few different client acquisition methods now and you’re not getting the results you want, it probably has nothing to do with your prices. And it has nothing to do with how your website looks. Or how great you are at “closing the sale.” Or what fancy new software you’re using. Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how awesome the services you offer your clients are. In order to ensure you get that client you have to fire a direct, unobstructed, personalized message from you straight to the decision maker. And there’s a FORMULA for getting this right.

100 Client Blueprint will show you a proven and tested “real world” client acquisition method that truly WORKS. You’ll acquire the ability to start RIGHT NOW with ZERO or VERY LITTLE cost. This blueprint simply shows you the difference between making a few bucks today and earning true wealth month after month. In other words, 100 Client Blueprint allows you to finally earn big income over and over again. It is the fundamental marketing secret that the most successful offline business consultants have used to swipe high-paying clients for years. Inside 100 Client Blueprint, you’ll learn how to start your week with zero experience as an offline business consultant and end it as an expert, with at least one paying client. With this virtual top-to-bottom, front-to-back, NO FRILLS all access pass to the core of my successful offline consulting business with zero fluff, you’ll be off to the races within minutes. Plug these strategies into your own business immediately and you will shock yourself at how fast you succeed.

100 Client Blueprint Direct Mail Formula

Here’s The Proven 100 Client Blueprint Direct Mail Formula :

  1. Use personalization for sky-high response.
    Your prospects are bombarded with distractions more than ever before.Think back to just now when you thought about your email inbox filled with spam.Everyone’s email inbox is exactly like that.And now think back to the last time you got a hand-address envelope in the mail.Unless it’s a card from a relative, my guess is that it’s been quite a while and it doesn’t happen very much anymore.And it’s like that everywhere.That’s why I know that when one of my direct mail pieces gets delivered, it gets opened by the decision maker it’s addressed to and they read it.And when they read it, they immediately see.
  2. My “Insane” Pattern Interrupt
    Even people good at direct mail who are really, really good at it consider it a numbers game because their response rate is so low.If they get a 1% response rate, they’re happy. If I spoke to less than 40% of the business owners I sent mail to, I’d be irked (I’ve never spoken to less than 40%). And more importantly, an eye-popping 60% of the business owners I do speak to, say yes.See why I don’t have to send very much direct mail? How do I get those insane numbers? It’s easy.
  3. Hyper-focused targeting (for free)
    See, I screwed up in 2008 when I put 6,000 pieces in the mail to random businesses all over Atlanta.I could have gotten those same 100+ clients by sending a fraction of that if I’d had the targeting technology that I use now for free.It takes me ten minutes to look up exactly who I’m going to target, how much a new customer’s business makes, if they’re currently advertising, what the business owner’s name is, their address, phone number and much more.I can have a complete list together within 10 minutes and pass the entire job of merging the letters (so they’re personalized), hand writing and stamping the envelopes, and sending the batch out to a qualified, cost-efficient outsourcer immediately after. So within two days I’m getting phone calls and 60% close rates. In this 100 Client Blueprint, I’m going to show you exactly how to get the same results like I did.

100 Client Blueprint JVZOO

100 Client Blueprint Modules :

  1. Module 1
    Module 1 is the process overview. A mile high overview of everything we cover so you start learning the method with a firm grasp on how it all comes together.
  2. Module 2
    Module 2 is where I teach you how to laser target and pinpoint your clients. This step is crucial in keeping your costs extremely low and your success rate extremely high.
  3. Module 3
    In Module 3 you’ll see the letter in full (you can download your own copy) and we go through the various elements that make it so successful. I also point out what can be modified if you want and what elements absolutely must stay the same.
  4. Module 4
    Module 4 is all about the envelope. It may seem trivial, but the envelope (and what’s on it) plays an integral part in making absolutely sure that your letter not only gets opened, but gets opened (and read!) by the right person.
  5. Module 5
    In Module 5 we cover outsourcing the process. Sure, you can do the entire process yourself and you may want to the first time you do. But after a while, you’ll want to know where to go to find reliable help to handle stuff for you. We cover that here.
  6. Module 6
    Module 6 is all about the Follow Up and the Close. I don’t have to tell you how absolutely crucial this step is. But luckily, it’s actually VERY easy to do when everything else is in place. In fact, there’s no “selling” at all. This is what makes getting new clients a breeze compared to other methods.
  7. Module 7
    In Module 7 we dive into a process I use that takes low paying clients ($200 to $500 per month) and upgrades them to high paying clients ($3,000+ per month) very easily. This method allows you to very easily display the value in upgrading to your client so that they “buy” from you and you never have to “sell” to them.
  8. Module 8
    In Module 8 we go through a variation in service offering that we’ve found very useful in our agency. No two clients’ needs are alike so having more tools in your arsenal is always helpful and even essential. Module 8 shows you a cool trick that we use to help clients and get them to love us within minutes.

100 Client Blueprint WSO


100 Client Blueprint is a fast-actingclient-grabbing offline business technique that works with just a fraction of the investment you probably think is needed. It is a no fluff, pure content offline consultant “fast action” course that shows you how to REALLY tear down barriers and get the attention of business owners that will want to pay you today, tomorrow and for years to come. It is not the same old, re-hashed client getting techniques everyone else has failed with.In my three step formula, I’m going to show you exactly how to build your business consulting empire without ever getting stressed over where your newest clients will come from. This video training program is going to walk you step by step through the exact process I use to get a crazy high response rate from just a handful of letters and how I outsource the entire process. 100 Client Blueprint shows you the real method to succeed. Don’t let such a great opportunity slip. Take advantage of this program to take you to the path to success. Get instant access to 100 Client Blueprint to get real results.

100 Client Blueprint – The Most Powerful Video Training Program Containing The Strategies That The Most Successful Marketer Are Using To Get High-Paying Clients Long Term Quickly And Easily And Build A Six-Figure Offline Consulting Within A Few Weeks

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