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Split Social Review – The Simplest Social Software To SkyRocket Your Traffic, Engagement And Sales In Facebook Marketing By Getting Social Media Paying Off For You With Free Viral Traffic Within Minutes Allowing You To Make Massive Income With A Small One Time Payment 



Split Social is a marketing system with the easiest and fastest way to skyrocket your reach and engagement in today’s tricky Facebook marketplace. With Split Social, you’ll notice how your posts are getting more comments, likes and shares than EVER before without spending a single penny on post engagement ads. You can use Split Social to drive traffic anywhere you like such as eCommerce pages, your own products, affiliate offers etc. You can also get thousands, tens thousands of free ORGANIC likes, comments and clicks. With Split Social in your hands, you can just stop shelling out cash on PPE ads, useless “like” campaigns or lead ads. This system allows you to make real, life-changing money with your Facebook promotions. Thousands of free visitors means more sales, a bigger list and more commissions. You can earn thousands of easy extra dollars each month by leveraging the ability to get tons of FREE clicks, starting right now.

Split Social is always working on every post for your blog. It learns over time to understand which headlines, images or descriptions perform better for your writing style and readers and will even optimize old posts to take advantage of shifts in viral traffic. In addition, Split Social automatically rotates through all the titles, images and excerpts you added for a contest, post or page. Then based on the inbound traffic from each title, it automatically prioritizes the one that gets you the most traffic. It’s that simple. This system is not your typical A/B test. It’s backed by algorithms that allow you to test multiple variations without worrying about sample size, testing duration, or statistical significance. Our plugin is constantly working behind the scenes to finely tune your results as soon as it gets them. Split Social is SEO-friendly. It works with Google and adds a short parameter (or querystring) to your URLs for tracking. It’s harmless – your links continue to work even if you completely stop using Split Social. The only thing on your pages that change will be the copy inside of your H1 tag, as well as the headline copy that people share. No more calculators, calendars, or spreadsheets. It’s truly a set and forget system. Just enter as many headlines, images and excerpts as you want to test and you’re done. Split Social does the rest for you, growing your website leaving you to focus on monetization. There are also detailed, inline reports show you how your social split tests are performing relative to each other. You’ll instantly be able to tell which contest performs better. Split Social has been proven by many to get massive results. It gets social media paying off for you with free viral traffic in minutes.

Split Social

The 3 Simple Steps to Use Split Social :

  1. Authority Grabber
    Find the best fanpages and groups out there or build your own external contest funnels within minutes.
  2. Split Social ON
    Use split social and the power of Viral Social Marketing to engage fans and drive FREE viral traffic.
  3. Monetization
    Sell eCom products, CPA offers, Kindle books, affiliate products and anything else you want.

Here’s How Split Social Works :

  1. Run Facebook Sweepstakes, Photo Contests, External Contests and more.
  2. Run your Sweepstakes right inside your Facebook page or on external sites.
  3. Use our drag and drop contest page template to customize the look of your Sweepstakes.
  4. Real time analytics – see exactly how much traffic each test or variation is sending.
  5. Ask entrants to like your Facebook Page or comment on your posts.
  6. Run contests on Facebook groups or other people’s pages.
  7. Send your leads directly to your squeeze page, sales page and more upon action.
  8. Randomly pick your winners based on likes, comments or both – right inside the plugin.
  9. Build, publish and A/B split test mobile-responsive Contest Funnels in minutes.
  10. Convert more website visitors into leads with our contest redirect feature.
  11. Run social split testing campaigns on complete autopilot (set and forget).
  12. Super easy setup – upload Split Social on your WordPress site and you’re done.

Split Social Review

Split Social Key Facts :

  1. WordPress plugin works on PC and MAC
    Once you install it on your site, you can use any computer in the world.
  2. 100% Facebook TOS compliant
    Never worry about your account being shut down.
  3. Goof-proof – no technical skills needed
    Easily run contests and split testing campaigns in 3 easy steps.
  4. Full training included : you’ll see how to use Split Social step-by-step and we’ll go tons of awesome contest ideas you can copy and use for yourself right now.

Split Social – The Simplest Social Software To SkyRocket Your Traffic, Engagement And Sales In Facebook Marketing By Getting Social Media Paying Off For You With Free Viral Traffic Within Minutes Allowing You To Make Massive Income With A Small One Time Payment

Split Social WSO

Split Social Bonus Package :

  1. Bonus #1 – Live Webinar Training
    We want to ensure you that you can reach the same success as we, our beta testers and many of our current customers have reached so on top of everything you’re already getting, we’re going to add in a complete 90 minute workshop all about how to make passive income using Split Social.
  2. Bonus #1 – Social Content Domination
    Believe it or not, you can setup a brand new page today and start getting a ton of traffic and making real money this very same week by leveraging the power of timeline contests and this report will show you exactly how.
  3. Bonus #3 – 20 DFY Button Images
    When you get your hands on these button images, you are practically guaranteed to drive the engagement through the roof, and get a ton of viral shares and likes, using it to make real money very quickly.
  4. Bonus #4 – Penny Traffic Cash Surge
    Penny Traffic Surge is a 93 page, step by step, complete traffic solution that utilizes the power of our secret, cheap, autopilot clicks method to send your profits soaring through the rood using an easy to follow system that has been proven entirely from start to finish. More specifically, Penny Traffic Cash Surge will show you how to :
    – Save time, money frustration and burns by using our already proven to work system to be in PROFIT while building your audience with super targeted offers.
    – Once you have built the audience, how to get EVEN CHEAPER clicks to that audience.
    – Avoid slow, time consuming, and boring traffic methods that DO NOT actually make you any money.
    – Learn our dirt cheap, targeted traffic trick and how we use it to earn up to 385% ROI, all while running on autopilot.
    – Become the master of cheap, autopilot, on-demand traffic that flawlessly makes you profits and does it at mock speeds with our secret tactics.
    – Learn how to generate the RIGHT buyers virtually on-demand for just pennies on the dollar.
    – Easily find the exact offers you need to promote to earn cash using your “audience” of people who actually WANT TO BUY what you’re selling.
  5. Bonus #5 – Split Social Training System
    Inside this system, we’re going to let you look over our shoulder as we take you by the hand and lead you to where the money is. You simply need to copy what we do and cash in. We’re going to show you how you can dramatically increase the amount of sales you make in your online promotions, affiliate offers, your own products, eComerce stores and many more. Moreover, we are also going to show you our exact campaigns where we use Split Social to generate leads and income. You’re also going to learn how you can generate more traffic in your business increasing the amount of sales you can make utilizing Split Social on your websites and blogs.

Split Social JVZOO


Split Social simply has the best of everything. With Split Social, you’ll get free viral traffic, insane engagement and a tidal wave of sales easily. You can use our Contest Page Templates to build amazing “content funnels” that will get you both traffic and leads at the same time. Or you can randomly select winners based on likes or comments from all your Facebook posts (works on groups, pages and external comment boxes). It’s 100% Facebook TOS Compliant – so never worry about your ads account being shut down. Split Social basically allows you to “force” your visitors to buy while bringing you more visitors by enticing them with a nice prize. You can also find out exactly and automatically which shared title, image or description gets you more visitors with our new social split testing feature. Best of all, it is bug free experience. In Split Social, we’ve had experienced Facebook marketers testing this plug in for several weeks to iron out all the buys and now it WORKS just perfect. With only a small one-time payment, you’ll get everything you need to generate more traffic, engagement and sales than ever before. So take action and get your hands on Split Social to start profiting without any delay. Choose only the best to get the best results. Split Social is the real deal.

Split Social – The Simplest Social Software To SkyRocket Your Traffic, Engagement And Sales In Facebook Marketing By Getting Social Media Paying Off For You With Free Viral Traffic Within Minutes Allowing You To Make Massive Income With A Small One Time Payment

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