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Socispot Software Review – First Ever Interactive Facebook Ad, Timeline And Newsfeed Software To Revolutionize Facebook Marketing With Dynamic Ads Allowing You To Start Increasing Sales With Facebook Retargeting In Unbelievably Low Ad Spend For Your Online Business

Socispot Software



Socispot Software is the first of its kind which turns Facebook timeline, newsfeed and ads into interactive drive opt-ins, leads and sales. Socispot allows you to use your Facebook timeline for your own personal ad space without paying one red cent. You can put a video inside an image and have your customers to call you with the tap to call feature right inside. You can also send customers right to a website from a picture with a simple click is a game changer. Moreover, being able to play videos and add optin forms right on the image is going to revolutionize the way people can interact with their potential customers.

That is just to name a few of the awesome features of Socispot, you want to take your business from nowhere to somewhere, Socispot will do that and more. It is very simple and easy software which can increase more than 17% sales. The results speak for themselves. With Socispot, you can transform static Facebook images into Socispot sales and opt-in funnels. ‘Interactive Visual Experience’ tech 1-Click increases Ad CTRs. Moreover, it is fully Facebook Mobile responsive. Therefore, you can increase sales with Facebook retargeting.

Socispot Review3 Easy Steps to Get Started with Socispot :

  1. Pick Select an image to run your Socispot Facebook Newsfeed or Ad campaign & add select interactive “Hotspots” to it such as email options, FB retargeting, Skype, Twitter, Instagram, URL Redirects & Tap2Calls.
  2. Publish Facebook page & post reach has been declining steadily over the past few years & everyone now has a Facebook page. You need to stand out. Publishing a SociSpot Newsfeed post or ad engages your audience who are drawn in to hover over the interactive tags. Cutting edge intelligent marketing.
  3. Profit Interactive marketing strategies convert consumers from passive reader to buyer often resulting in a 100%+ increase in ROI. Opt-in & sale conversions increase & brand awareness skyrockets as you have the edge over competitors with an innovative campaign.

Socispot JVZOO

Socispot Features :

  1. Facebook Newsfeed Hotspots These images are super compatible with Facebook and it’s the perfect platform to capitalize on! You will attract likes to your fan page like bees to honey! Display the interactive images on your website, with the URL provided, in Facebook tabs or even directly in the Facebook timeline.
  2. Video Hotspots Have you even heard of this innovative feature before? A video within an image? How exciting is that? Now that’s marketing on a roll!
  3. Skype Hotspots Like they say, “Out of Sight Is Out Of Mind”. And we definitely don’t want your clients to forget about you. That’s why we’ve introduced the Skype tab on these images. First Wow them with what you’ve got to offer, then connect with your clients through your images! Easy as A-B-C!
  4. Twitter Hotspots Get more followers on Twitter by uploading these eye-catching out of the box images! Remember, Safety Lies in Numbers!
  5. Instagram Hotspots If we’re talking images, how can Instagram be left out of the equation? You can OWN Instagram by logging on and displaying your beautiful images! Get likes and follows like never before!
  6. Call to Action Hotspots Have your audience literally following every instruction of yours!  Use affiliate links to promote any product or service and get a serious call to action response!
  7. Tap to Call Hotspots The number of users browsing websites from their phones is increasing every day. Come on, how many times have you wanted to dial a number you found online but found that it was not tappable? It can be very inconvenient if you don’t have a pen and paper handy to write it down.  Don’t make the same mistake…Tap in on this feature, so you are just a tap away from clients…
  8. URL Redirect Hotspots No more broken links! No more privacy breaches! Make your webpage open in multiple URL links with this fantastic feature to ensure that nobody misses you!

    Socispot Software – First Ever Interactive Facebook Ad, Timeline And Newsfeed Software To Revolutionize Facebook Marketing With Dynamic Ads Allowing You To Start Increasing Sales
    Socispot DEMO Video

  9. Mobile Optimized With people on the move all around the clock, you can’t wait for them to sit as a desk and open their laptops to notice you? And would even you really browse a desktop version of a site on your mobile? No sir! Be Smart! Ensure your images are optimized for smartphone display!
  10. Autoresponder Integration We provide an easy way to create landing pages or squeeze pages which capture the names and emails (and potentially other information) from your visitors so you can start building a list of subscribers who you can market to further via email to turn them into customers. Once someone completes one of your opt-in forms on your landing page, all you need to do is add that visitor’s information to your chosen autoresponder system.
  11. Drag & Drop Hotspot Placement Don’t be flexible to the system, make the system flexible to you…place your hotspot wherever you like…in your choice of spot…because you’re the boss! You call the shots!
  12. Facebook Retargeting Retargeting to the right audience is a must if you want to see more conversions from your Facebook campaigns. Now you can take any image of your choice and use it as part of remarketing strategy, because hey, out of sight, out of mind!
  13. 1 Click Facebook Tab Integration This awesome sauce technique lets you automatically attach your images to the updates that appear on Facebook after someone likes content on your website. By leveraging Facebook’s Open Graph and using this technique, I’ve seen phenomenal results!
  14. GTW Integration Our Go To Webinar integration is an indirect integration that allows you to use Smart Forms to register contacts for a webinar event and follow-up accordingly. Through this integration, any new contacts registering for your webinar will be added to your database.

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There are a lot of crappy software tools out there that will get you nowhere and that they oversell themselves. They lie about what they can do. They fleece you of your hard earned money because they’re so damn overpriced. They bring you exactly to square one all over again!! They do absolutely nothing and waste your precious time! We both know that’s huge pain up you-know-where! But Socispot is different. We’ve put our best in creating this software only to make you more sales and more income. All you need to do is just pick, publish and then profit. It’s so simple! With Socispot, you achieve amazing results with a low ad spend. Get Socispot today and start increasing sales with Facebook Retargeting.

Socispot Software – First Ever Interactive Facebook Ad, Timeline And Newsfeed Software To Revolutionize Facebook Marketing With Dynamic Ads Allowing You To Start Increasing Sales With Facebook Retargeting In Unbelievably Low Ad Spend For Your Online Business

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