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dealvid plugin review

Dealvid Unlimited Plugin by Martin Crumlish – Best Tool To Create High Converting Video Based Deals And Offer Pages In 5 Minutes With No Coding, No Programmers, And Fully Automated


dealvid plugin review

DealVid Unlimited Plugin Review – What Is It?

If you want to explode your conversions, make more sales and grow your list you need to go to any marketing page online right now, and I can almost guarantee you one thing, every one of them is going to have a video of some sort. There’s no getting away from it – without video on your pages, you’re playing in the lower leagues. You need a video to help get your message through, but it’s only a part of the equation. It’s all about the right video, presented in the right way, with the right technology, call to action and scarcity. Usually, to put the whole thing together you’d need a wordpress theme, or a programmer to build you something in HTML. You’d have your headline, integrating your video code, your countdown timer, your call to action button or option form, the page style, making the page responsive, the overall design and loads more. In short – it’s a complex process that not every can execute correctly. At best, you can end up with a passable page that can do some good for your business at worst, you can end up with a clunky pile of junk that doesn’t work on mobile, doesn’t get people to take action and does more damage than good. In cases like this, it doesn’t matter how slick your video is if the page and technology around it suck. It’ll be a diamond in the rough, and will underperform hugely for your business.

From the desk of Martin Crumlish, we present you the DealVid Plugin. DealVid Plugin is a brand new wordpress plug-in that takes the old manual way of running any type of video-centric deal, and turns it into a seamless easy to manage process that is a delight to use. The old way had you struggling with manual countdown timers, trying to embed option forms and shoehorn your video into a layout that might convert. The new way provided by DealVid Plugin automates as much of the deal and scarcity process as possible and all within a powerful easy to use plug-in that is loaded with custom design options, templates and backgrounds. DealVid Plugin isn’t only for running special scarcity based offers; you can use it for practically anything where you want people to take some form of action and in any niche. You don’t need to manually check countdown timers, worry about time zones or make sure the offer is closed after the timer hits zero. DealVid powerful Intelligent Timing System lets you choose what action you want the plug-in to take once it expires. You can show an expiry message which can be any HTML, video or image or you can set the page to redirect. It can redirect to any page in your wordpress site using a drop down list, or any external URL you like.

Dealvid Unlimited Plugin – Best Tool To Create High Converting Video Based Deals And Offer Pages In 5 Minutes With No Coding, No Programmers, And Fully Automated

dealvid plugin download dealvid pluginDealVid Plugin Features:

  • Real-time Scarcity & Deal Pages
  • 100 DealVid templates
  • Video Integration
  • Button Builder
  • Button library
  • Option Form integration
  • FB Comments compatible
  • WYSIWYG content area
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Automated Expiry actions
  • Offer chaining
  • Conversion centered
  • Background customization options

It works like this:

  • simply set up a DealVid Plugin campaign with your discount price
  • set up a 2nd DealVid Plugin campaign with a slightly higher price, but which is still lower than normal
  • Set the timer to expire, and then redirect to another WP page and have your 2nd deal on that page.

You can try the Waiting List method:

  • Just create your DealVid Plugin campaign with your offer
  • Create a 2nd DealVid Plugin campaign with an option form (which we have built into the plug-in)
  • Set the 1st timer to expire then it will automatically redirect to your waiting list DealVid Plugin which also has a timer to make sure people act now and opt in.

You can create campaigns with 5 simple steps DealVid Plugin :

  • Just install the DealVid plug-in and click the “Add Campaign” link.
  • Choose your background; add your video and your headlines.
  • Set your expiry time and your call to action.
  • Save your campaign and copy the short code from the dashboard.
  • Paste the short code into our wordpress page, tick a checkbox and publish. Your campaign is now live.

DealVid Plugin Review – Conclusion :

The bottom line is, you will make your campaigns look like they were created by a top tier designer with a ninja coder to automate their key marketing functions and you will do it in mere minutes, thanks to DealVid Plugin. There are no extra widgets that you don’t need, tacked on to drive the price up. There are no features that have not been created solely to make this a smoother, easier and there is no complex processes to make this difficult. DealVid Plugin will save you time, save you money and can add a lot to your bottom line when you put it into action.

Dealvid Unlimited Plugin – Best Tool To Create High Converting Video Based Deals And Offer Pages In 5 Minutes With No Coding, No Programmers, And Fully Automated

DealVid Plugin