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Adventure Path Books Unlocked Review – The Most Complete And Simple Step By Step Guide Which Shows Exactly How To Create Fun And Exciting Adventure Path Books You Can Sell On Kindle To Leverage Your Work And Make Maximum Income Instantly Without Any Special Skills



Adventure Path Books Unlocked is a complete step by step guide to show you exactly how to create fun and exciting Adventure Path books.Adventure Path Books are books that are created using a certain hidden technology that is built right into Kindle. This hidden technology allows you to create eBooks that have different story paths for the reader to follow.This technology is very simple to use but many authors and publishers haven’t even heard about it. Here’s a short example of Adventure Path Books. Let’s say your book is about a safari adventure. It opens up with the characters in a jeep on the African plains as they begin their jungle adventure.After a couple of pages the reader is asked to make a decision. “Click here to head north toward the watering hole”.  “Or click here to head east into the jungle…”The reader makes their decision and clicks the link to continue on with the story. And like magic, they are instantly on the path they chose!Now, you can have multiple paths, multiple decisions points and multiple endings in your story — there is really no limit other than your imagination.These fun Adventure Path Books can be used on any generation Kindle or Kindle App.But, best of all, they are amazingly EASY to create – with no special skills or expensive software required. Adventure Path Books Unlocked will show you exactly how to do this! The steps inside are easy and simple to follow, so that you’ll be up and running and creating your first Adventure Path book the same day you download the guide.

Adventure Path Books Unlocked are a great format for any type of fiction genre but they are especially suitable for Children’s Books. And, as you probably know, Children’s Books are some of the best sellers on Amazon. They are also popular in Kindle App. So, if you’re a Kindle publisher (or want to be) and looking for the next BIG thing, then Adventure Path Books Unlocked is the right decision for you to make. By accessing this guide, you won’t have to bear the pain of writing a 300-page novel while having the risk of watching it flop. This step by step guide will show you how to write something that the readers would instantly fall in love with.

Adventure Path Books Unlocked Review

Some Fun Ideas for Children’s Adventure Path Books :

  1. Time Travel
    Stories about Time Travel are perfect for Adventure Path books because you can let the reader choose where in time they want to travel!Let’s say your story takes place while a brother and sister are visiting their eccentric uncle.Left alone for a few minutes when their Uncle goes to pick up a pizza, they hear a strange buzzing sound coming from the basement. When they go to investigate they find a weird machine and accidentally activate it.
    You can then give the reader two or more choices to follow:
    – Do they travel to ancient Egypt and explore the pyramids?
    – Or do they travel back to the time of the dinosaurs where they must fight off a Tyranasaurus Rex?
    – Or, maybe they travel to the future and meet a robot who helps them get back to their own time?
  2. Lost In
    Lost in style stories are stories where the characters are on some sort of adventure and then they get lost.Maybe they get lost in a cave? Or while on a safari? Or in a haunted house? Or cemetary?Or maybe it’s a Boy Scout troop out camping and two of the boys wander off into the woods and get lost.The reader has to decide which scout to send after them based on the merit badges they have earned.
  3. Treasure Hunting
    In 1873 pirates captured a Spanish ship. They took all the treasure, gold, emeralds, rubies and buried it on an island but never came back to retrieve it.Your reader must choose which direction to go to locate the treasure. Only one direction leads to the treasure while any misstep will lead to danger and adventure!
  4. Space Travel
    Space travel stories are another great style of book for children’s Adventure Path. The reader can choose where to visit in their rocket ship:
    – Maybe they go to Mars to see if there really is a pyramid there.
    – Or, maybe they go explore the Rings of Saturn to see what they can find?
    – Or, how about visting that new 9th planet that was just discovered?

Adventure Path Books Unlocked JVZOO

There Are Many Other Types Of Children’s Stories That Work Great With The Adventure Path Style Including:

  1. Mystery
  2. Haunted House
  3. Life Lessons
  4. Solve the Crime
  5. Civil War
  6. Post-Apocalyptic
  7. Out On Safari
  8. Farm Stories
  9. Zoo Stories
  10. And many others

Adventure Path Books Unlocked Features :

  1. Plotting your children’s book
  2. How to plan your scenes
  3. Plot templates
  4. Writing your Adventure Path story
  5. How to make your story sparkle
  6. Crafting your story ending
  7. 5 steps to editing your manuscript
  8. How to create the Adventure Path links inside your book

Adventure Path Books WSO

Adventure Path Books Unlocked Bonuses :

  1. Bonus 1 : Adventure Path Children Book Formula Workshop
    Did you know that the Children’s eBook market is EXPLODING at Kindle? In fact it’s up 475% in this year and that makes it one of the fastest- growing book sectors at Amazon.Children’s Books also happen to be one of the EASIEST books to write, you just follow a simple formula.AND when you combine them with the Adventure Path secret sauce they can be super lucrative too! We’ll show you HOW on this step-by-step Live Training.
  2. Bonus 2 : Children Book Writer Resources
    An “at your fingertips” rolodex of resources for children’s books authors including:
    – Children’s Characters, Names and Genres
    – Top Children’s Books (great for brainstorming ideas)
    – Writing Tools
    – Public Domain resources
    – Lifetime Updates

Adventure Path Books


Adventure Path Books are perfect to develop as a continuing series of books. You simply use the same characters as they go on different adventures in each book. That way you develop a following of readers who wait with anticipation for the next book in the series. Moreover, Adventure Path Books are also great to sell as Book Bundles. You can combine two or more Adventure Path Books and sell them as a bundle. This way you are leveraging your work and getting the maximum return. Start slowly and build your Empire over time. Start with one Adventure Path Book. Then create another one using the same characters. Combine these two into a bundle. Now you’ll have three books generating profits for you. Keep doing this and in a short time you’ll be making a nice income from your publishing business.In just TEN MINUTES, you can be on your way to creating your own children’s book empire with Adventure Path Books Unlocked. So act now and get instant access to this step by step guide to success with Adventure Path Books Unlocked. Don’t let such a golden opportunity slip. Adventure Path Books Unlocked is the best choice you can ever make.

Adventure Path Books Unlocked – The Most Complete And Simple Step By Step Guide Which Shows Exactly How To Create Fun And Exciting Adventure Path Books You Can Sell On Kindle To Leverage Your Work And Make Maximum Income Instantly Without Any Special Skills

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